The sea water is still at 17°C, but tomorrow it should rise up to 19°C. But there's a catch. The winds will get even harder, so I think I'll have an early morning swim before the wind hits too hard. it's really painful when the sand hits skin in high speed and does ruin even a good swim trip. So I opt for early hours even if the sun hasn't had time to warm up surface water.

Today I also went earlier as the winds have been just impossible this afternoon (but not as bad as tomorrow is gonna be): There were more people on the beach and even few more swimmers. Almost all the other going in were speaking Swedish, so there you have it.

It's been really hot today. 29°C in our area. And that is in the shadows. One more summer day and then we the winds will change. The summer is brought to us by Poniente winds (west wind from inland) and it will turn into Levante wind (east from Mediterranean sea) tomorrow morning and bring coolness with it.

I think today I spent good 30 minutes in the water. I had some bread and I was trying to catch some fish with my camera. I did get few nice shots, but looking at all the pictures at this time of the day I really felt happy to see me this happy in this picture. If I had blipped in the morning after my swim, I would have chosen a fish underwater.

I did a new dress today. Tried a new pattern. And I love it! You can't really see the whole dress in this picture (or the almost open back with strings or the hem line) but this is one of the sheets my friend brought me last Sunday. Pretty good upcycling, what do you think? https://www.instagram.com/p/BxSbkt5nww4/ It would also suite me perfectly for Lavatanssit.

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