By HeidiHH

10052020 58th Corona isolation day w/ alleviation

I've been in such a bad mood all day, which doesn't happen often. It's just been too many disappointments in a row.

We woke up to a thunder storm. It was thundering from 6:30 to 10. So there went our outdoor time completely.

I've been mostly sewing today and connecting with people in texts and otherwise. And I've been following the telenovela of this stuck on phase 0. We got some new information.

First the sexiest man of Spain Fernando Simón said that we didn't reach the criteria because there hasn't been enough tests in Valencian community.

The president of our autonomo Ximo Puig said that we can easily test 3 times what we have been doing, but we have followed the guidelines given by the ministry with the testing. So he says - and rightfully so - that the criteria should not change in the middle of things. Like Basque country got to next phase with worse numbers. So it really isn't fair. And it should be.

So my thought about all of this is that they will now start to test more people. No idea where and with what criteria, but they will do it to meet the criteria. The sexiest man of Spain Fernando Simón said that with that Valencian community could be at the criteria in few days. So I'm thinking that perhaps we'll be in phase 1 by the weekend. That could happen.

But the one huge disappointment is that phase 1 doesn't really give anything new to me. If I was a golfer or tennis player or registered anything with sports or willing to pay to a guide to take me to mountains, I could do something extra, but being this ordinary boring person that I am, my life will be the same in phase 1. And that really depresses me. I could go to a terrace to have a beer, but I still can't go out to nature what I want to. Only on given time slots. I think that is screwed up thinking. I wanna stay healthy and keep my immune system up to speed, so I need to go outside to train. We might have 4 rainy mornings this week. So there goes our morning time slot for outdoor life.

So it seems my life will be about the same at least until we reach phase 2, and what that life will be like, I have no idea yet. We'll see.

I just wanna go out to walk without a hurry and stress of being back in time of curfew and go swim in the ocean. Is that so much to ask?

Picture from our forced evening walk as the morning was stormy. That's Alicante city over there opposite side of the Alicante bay.

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