By HeidiHH

11052020 59th Corona isolation day w/ alleviation

There's so many beautiful shapes in my garden at the moment that they deserve to be immortalized.

So far today we haven't heard anything regarding phases. I tried to go for a little bit to the Clot when I was doing my intervals this morning, but the entrance was sealed with police tape. Great. Now it's even more crowded on the streets as there's one less place to go jog / walk. This is really starting to get on my nerves. It feels like training is made as difficult as possible.  We are governed as we all lived in Madrid.

It's been another sunny and terribly windy day. Max at 25°C.

What else? Well husband did weeks groceries today. Apparently all the safety issues are forgotten and people were at the store as before. Stupid behavior. There were two police outside telling people that two from same household can't go to store together, the old rules still apply. My husband said it seemed to be the senior citizens who had trouble keeping this safety measure. Also less people were wearing masks. It seems that people have forgotten the virus and gone back to old normal. :-(

I'm very tired. Yesterday's thunder really messed our schedule and I feel I'm ready for bed already!


Small update. A national newspaper reviewed the reports from Valencian C and Basque country. And they said the decision went wrong way clearly. It just is that in this culture no one says they were wrong, so it doesn't really matter. I just feel this is very unfair. Risks here are smaller and we've had situation is better control the whole time. Yet they do this. I bet they didn't read the reports good enough as they must have been in a hurry.

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