By HeidiHH

12052020 60th Corona isolation day w/ alleviation

This morning we were up and about quite early, so we manage a quick walk to the lighthouse and back. 12 km in just under 2 hours. We were home 10:02.

It really is a shame with the curfew. The whole morning we are in hurry. Then we're home at 10 and then we wait until 8 pm and then we take the dogs out for bit longer walk.

I had my cardiologist this afternoon. Nothing was found in the tests. So I ask the cardiologist "is that all clear for me", but he said that this was the first indicator and we need to keep an eye on this. So he told me how to monitor myself, keep a logbook and go back if anything happens. And latest to go back after summer.

But. The line to reception was long. And when the guy after me, got to the teller next to me, turned out that...

He - being the only one without a mask in the whole long queue - was in the wrong place as the Corona tests are taken at the emergency side of the hospital. He was told to go out and to the right, but he decided to walk straight through the hospital still without a mask.

You should have seen how the receptionist looked at each other. I wonder why they didn't shout after him and tell him to go outside and use that way to the virus testing. I also wonder why they haven't put out a sign that indicates where the testing is. (Small hint, it's where the police is patrolling all the time...)

Anyway. After 60 days of isolation, you'd think each and everyone would know that if you suspect you have it, you wear a mask. And it's also in the state of alarm rule book that you use the mask everywhere if you suspect you have it. How can people be so selfish?

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