By HeidiHH

13052020 61st Corona isolation day w/ alleviation

From my morning 2-hills-walk. This is from going down on the longer hill. You can see how steep it is. I was bit tired this morning but I had to go as it's gonna rain tomorrow morning. So that training is cancelled. We are expecting heavy rain and storms to nearly whole country tomorrow. So no escape from that front.

And as I was going down the hill, I wasn't sure if I was gonna climb it up too, but there was a lady coming up. Perhaps in her late 70's and she looked like she was on it. And when I came up, she was going down again and basically skipping. Boy she was in a good shape. Lifegoals there for sure.

Rest of the day has been pretty much the same ol'. Started a new book. It's always hard for me. My memory is not so good, so if there's multiple characters I get distracted. (I wonder if I'm my brain is weird.) But this book seems to tell a real story about a couple who bought a house from Toscana. I'm waiting to see how much we have run into similar situations.

I cut my husbands hair. It turned out great. I'm getting really good at it. I just mimic the hairstyles I see.

I did some sewing. Washing. Making lunch.

It's been especially hard day for Nelson. I'm making a pie tomorrow so I made rice enough for tomorrow too. And the plan was to eat salmon with it. At the same time we heated some pork for the dogs and chicken for the husband. So now the pork is waiting in the dogs bowls. And I messed up with the salmon and left a layer or plastic wrap on it. All of these came from the freezer, and I took all the wrappings off them, but didn't realize the salmon had multiple. I even put salt on the plastic of the salmon. And didn't see anything wrong with it when I took it out of the oven. Just when I touched it with the knife I realized there was something wrong with it. So the salmon is also on the table and Nelson is smelling everything and he's been crying for hours. The only thing that matters to him is food. But he's gonna get a super duper splendid supper, which he will finish in 1 minute and barely taste anything and then wonder why the rest of the herd are still eating theirs... Dogs... :-)

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