Morning walk at the beach.

We took the car there just to escape from most of the mosquitoes. Down by the beach there was only about 5% of the cloud we have 2,3km inland from the beach. 

People are going crazy over the situation. Complaining on Facebook and what not. The truth is that sure, they could spray the tiger mosquitoes, but that is ineffective, expensive and damages the nature. And it only helps for few days. So... Tiger mosquitoes are invasive species so they don't belong here originally. They also carry diseases like Dengue fever. Last summer few people died of it in Valencian community. So we should try our best to not get bitten.

Today I have changed the door net to a new one in better condition in our bedroom. Our bedroom opens to our back patio so it's a good way to get some fresh air during summer nights.

Which reminds me that last night was our first tropical night of the year. It didn't go below 22°C in most places in Alicante region. We might get one more tonight, but then it should be over for now.

It's been really warm. Even at 30°ish. But we have cool wind and the sea water is still at 17°C. I did go swim today too. It was okay. So much room to swim :-D Few people besides me enjoying the coolness of the sea with me, but more people enjoying the warm sun on the sand.

Well continue to take the boys to the beach (not the swimming beach) for morning walks as long as we have the tigers attacking us. Seeing them this morning enjoying the smells and not being around a cloud of mozzies was great. Otherwise I think it's not so smart to go have frequent walks with a car drive if you can walk there. In this case we can't take even few steps without being attacked.

And now we have to go outside with the dogs again. Hopefully it's still very windy, but usually the winds die around 8 pm and we can't go out much sooner otherwise the dogs can't hold for the morning. And very early in the morning we do face the same situation again. And btw it's way too hot for the dogs to walk during the day at the mo, so there you have it. Prisoned by the mozzies.

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