By HeidiHH


Another afternoon spent at the beach with a some swimming and suntanning.

In the morning I did wash all the dyed fabrics from yesterday. They seemed to turn out okay. Look much better than before,

I also walked to our Charity shop to see Alex and Angie but either of them were present. I'll have try again next Wednesday. They only work 3 hours a week there. It is a charity so the people who work there donate their time.

We have such invasion of mosquitoes at the moment. Yesterday evening I had baggy pants and a hooded jacket so only the backs of my hands and face was showing. They attacked so viciously. Trying to go into the nose and mouth. My clothes looked like they had a cover of mosquitoes on them. And the same thing in the morning. It's really difficult to take out the dogs at the moment. Evenings and mornings we get attacked by the blood thirsty insects and during the day it's quite hot. Today it was 28°C. I usually like our walking times, but at the moment I dread them. And it's so hot to walk covered...

There was quite a lot more people on the beach, naturally as the temps climb higher and higher, but the water was colder than yesterday. It was said to be 17°C. It did feel colder than yesterday and it took me longer to get used to it. But it was still great to get to swim.

And perhaps more and more of my pictures start to be from the beach...

We have 3 days more of the summer, then we go back to spring. I do wish the water would get warmer, but for tomorrow they are still predicting cool water at 17°C.

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