"Blue Again"*

I visited the Dragonfly Trail at Amwell Nature Reserve for the first time this season this afternoon. As I walked down the path a beautiful drift of forget-me-nots caught my eye. Lovely to see blue again today after the bluebells yesterday. I stopped and examined them closely but couldn't spot a single bug. :(

I walked the trail and saw just one hawker that wasn't hanging about. From there to the bank of the Old River Lea where I found more gorgeous blue Myosotis sylvatica. This time I was lucky, a sluggish alderfly was resting amongst the blooms.

Back at the trail I met a man who had arrived from a job he was doing in Ware and we hunted dragons together. We were delighted to capture a female hairy dragonfly ovipositing. (Extras) It's the first time I have photographed one of these. :)


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