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Blipping early today in the hope that doing so will mean I have time later to spend looking at your journals.

David took Alan up to Perth Royal this morning for his six monthly appointment with the Gastro consultant.  He is delighted with Alan's progress and was really pleased to see him looking so well.  After surgery Alan weighed 40kg so he was happy to learn he is now 46kg.  We are aiming for 50kg with the knowledge he's never going to be anything other than a skinymalink!  :-)

Meanwhile local artist Gail Robertson, who painted our house last year (as in a painting of our house to hang on the wall, not the outside of the actual house :-) popped in with a tiny little painting I've bought from her.  I couldn't resist asking her if she would be my blip today.  This is the first time I have used my 85mm lens and I only took five shots but I am impressed with it so far.

Gail is involved in a fundraising project for Maggie's Centre in Dundee called The Penguin Parade, which will see 80 individually designed sculptures of Emperor Penguins distributed across the Dundee region and as far afield as St Andrews and Brechin, on 29th June.  The penguins will be on show till the end of September when they will be auctioned off to raise money for Maggie's Centre.  

Gail is one of the artists involved in designing a penguin and proving once again how small the world is, my good friend Fiona is another of the artists and Gail and Fiona met whilst painting their penguins in the little "artist prison" (as described by Gail) in the Wellgate Centre in Dundee, where they have been hiding out whilst working on their creations.

Knowing how talented both these ladies are I can't wait to see what they have done with their penguins, as well as seeing all the other penguins.  I have a little photography project planned for the summer that involves travelling to all the penguin sites and capturing each of them.  Should be fun.

So, we seem to be well ahead with our preparations for our friends arriving tomorrow.  David has just popped off to M&S to get some of the main course ingredients and dessert.  I have given him detailed instruction and asked him to text/phone me if he has any doubts about whether he is buying the right thing.  

Having missed out on the excitement of a trip to M&S, I am going to console myself by tackling the mini Kilimanjaro that is the ironing pile.  Woo hoo.

kate will see me through :-))

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