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By walkingMarj


I put off making a blip today, in the hope that Daisy would return home. Eventually I took a photo of my empty dessert bowl, after a lovely meal at Walwick Hall. We went for the early supper menu to celebrate my birthday in January.

The rest of the day I was busy with photos for the Walking Festival website. The job is mainly done now, which is great. I hate it when it drags on.

We came home and watched The Bridge. Mum doesn't think it is as good, but she dozed off early on.

At bedtime, I went to move the conservatory door to make it ajar but not wide open and I called "Daisy". There was an answering mew and a tantalising few minutes before she would come near. While Mum enticed her in with a treat, I crept around the house with a torch in one hand, to close the outside door behind her. Phew!

She spent ages being stroked and eating a treat. Oscar came quickly and then started hissing at her. He also started limping. Quite bizarre. The parable of the Prodigal  Son came to mind. Oscar refused to eat his treat.

 So, here is the miscreant, looking as though she could run off again at any moment. We are very, very glad to have her home.

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