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By walkingMarj

Bee under attack?

Today could have gone a lot more smoothly.

Bowlby managed to slip out this morning. We wanted her to stay at home and recover from the cystitis, but she was like greased lightening and away.

Mum had a physio appointment with the lovely Chris at Hexham General. He is so impressed with the improvement since she started a new knee exercise, that he has discharged her. The department was heaving and they are short of staff, so I'm sure there is pressure to discharge people very quickly. We would have liked to go again.

We went to M & S for a bowl of soup, but had to hurry because my hair appointment was due. Mum wanted to go shopping on her own - the first time in months - so I left her in the Market Square with her walker. It's flat and pedestrianised, so relatively safe. (She bought 3 teeshirts in EWM and 4 plates for the hedgehogs in a charity shop.)

My hair has been all spiky and unmanageable since the last cut, so J tried hard to make a better shape of it this time. Ho hum! Then I found I did not have my debit card when I came to pay. I knew I had picked it up this morning........

Back home there was no time to look because Bowlby was still out. Then our GP phoned to discuss Mum's emergency medical care plan which had some errors in. I'd written to explain what needed to be changed. There were more errors than I had realised and we have sorted it out, but I was made to feel that I had been very awkward. Ho hum.

Tried to find Bowlby. Tried to sort out some Poland holiday queries. Time to go out again with no debit card found. Had I dropped it in town earlier?

No, you are not in a nightmare, but my rather chaotic day.

Saw Geoff and Sandy in town - they were sitting out in the sunshine with a bottle of wine to enjoy. A quick chat, then a dash up the street to meet Julie for an Italian meal. We were off to see the NT Live production of Obsession with Jude Law. It's a bizarre production and neither fish nor fowl. Don't bother to go, is my advice.

Somewhere during the afternoon I took my camera into the garden whilst searching for the missing cat. I hoped to photograph a female blackbird who is nest building, but she hid away. My blip is of a bumble bee flying backwards away from the centaurea flower. Look at it closely. It appears to have another insect (or two) attached to it.

PS I found my debit card in a drawer where I had pushed a few things before going out this morning. Phew!

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