Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

Blue Wisteria

Today’s main picture is of some blue Wisteria flowers; this is the first time that this shrub has flowered. I have had it for about fifteen years, it came free with something and was a six-inch dead looking stalk. I did not think it would ever flower and a few years ago I moved it to the spot near the front gates. Last year I pruned hacked it back, hoping it would not die. The extra is the white Wisteria, which I purchased about twenty-five years ago and which is also hacked back by me every year. This is just a very small part of it, which dangles over the wall opposite the blue one. I was very disappointed with this one as it was sold to me as a blue one; I did not know that there were white ones.

I spent this morning in the garden, preparing three small borders ready for wild flowers. I will not be able to do much gardening later this year so hopefully the wild flower seeds with grow and flower, providing colour in those borders as well as nectar for butterflies and bees. I also planted out my tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes and runner beans. They have been sitting in the conservatory waiting until the frosts have finished. Hopefully they will be okay now. I also planted some Isle of Wight garlic. Now I have to hope that we do not have any more frosts and that the deer and slugs do not eat everything.

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