Peaches and Cream

My birthday present from quite a few years ago.  Some years it flowers and some it has a rest.  It’s been chopped back at least once.  It’s rather neglected and resides in a large square wooden box though this year it’s covered in flowers and looks wonderful.  It’s not my birthday for four more days, so its timing has been fantastic.

I managed to plant my runner beans in root trainers (which I’d neglected terribly and which needed a lot of cleaning up before they were fit to use).

My brother didn’t arrive as planned.  Apparently there was a terrible thunderstorm as he crossed America, so he missed his flight to the UK.  

But we did have a wonderful family meal at Il Forno in Horsforth and managed to get there just about in time.  Even though my Sat Nav proved less than helpful on the part of our journey that I knew least well.  It kept trying to take us back to Leeds.  It’s a good job we spotted a sign for Kirkstall which meant I knew the general direction we needed to travel in.

Jimmy’s birthday on Sunday - he’s twelve and growing taller by the day.

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