By seizetheday


The Tiarella in the 'yard is in full flower and looks absolutely glorious - thanks Mouldy.

A frustrating sort of day. Late yesterday evening, I discovered that emails sent from my BT address were all being blocked due to the recipient domains' "DMARC" policies. Aargh! What does that mean?! Having established, by talking to a helpful lady at BT, that my emails were working normally, I spent ages trying all sorts of things to solve the problem. Unsuccessfully. Grrr! Eventually I did what I should have done in the first place - phoned a young(ish) person, my son. He suggested where to find the answer - the BT website. It seems that BT were aware that Apple users are having problems using their devices with BT email. If only the lady on the phone had known that...
Never mind, problem solved. Thanks, Tom.

Must go down in to the 'yard now, before it's totally dark - to put crushed egg shells around a hosta in an attempt to deter the slugs that have already been feasting on its unfurling leaves. Fingers crossed!

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