By seizetheday

The dragon's back (and the goslings)

As working days go, not a great success - more of an abysmal failure really. But a good day in other respects!

After lunch the weather was just too tempting, and we set off for a very short walk by the River Breamish in the Ingram Valley. Towards the right of the blip are Cunyan Crags - somewhere in my head there's a story about the dragon with a scaly back who's buried beneath the hill...

A shame we couldn't stay a bit longer and walk a bit further, but just before we left for our walk Liz had phoned and suggested that we meet her and Martin in the pub later in the afternoon. How could we refuse?

Couldn't resist posting a couple of extras. On the way to and from Ingram we passed a lake, and stopped for a for a while to watch the greylag geese. There were several pairs, some of which seemed to have huge broods of goslings. 

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