A Patient Patient

Our newest addition to the family is here for 3 days to recover from her appendectomy. There was alot of napping with the kitty (pictured), tv watching, nibbling healthy food & making essential oil personal scents for the diffusers (also pictured). We had fun but mostly ensured that she was following Dr orders & healing as best she can. Having never had surgery or stitches before she thought she could go to a concert & work 3 days after surgery! As we are her Ontario parents we took our job seriously and ensured she rested. I taught Barre class, 4 of the new 9 blocks, it was nerve rattling and went well with the exception of one moment of utter blackness as to what came next. Stopped by my friend the caterer to set the menu & discuss details for my sweetie's big party on July 22nd (60th & belated retirement party). We are on track and excited. Time for invitations to go out.

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