Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

Another Fallow Deer

Last night the freezer door appeared to have been left open, everything was still frozen. This morning when I checked, it had continue to thaw so a problem with the freezer, not an open door.
I spent some time this morning with Victoria, but as her Dad was at home I was not really needed, so I got her onto the next stage of her “Loom” hat and then came home to sort out the freezer. I have salvaged some of the food and cooked a great deal of meat. Once the freezer was defrosted it appeared to be okay so hopefully it just needed defrosting. This one is very old and I have a new one ready for when I get a new kitchen.

While sorting out food, I looked out of the kitchen window and there were seven dark brown Fallow Deer in the orchard, so one of them, eating some of the vegetable peelings that I put of for them is today’s picture.

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