Big Hill

By bighill

Red and Blue

And another glorious sunny day!   I spent about an hour and a half in the studio this morning, making medium bowls.    Felt proud of myself when i hit upon a problem that might entail me asking Terry to come over and help me....and instead i figured out not only a way to deal with the issue but also put in place a way to move me out of the constant sitting position i am in when throwing...which can be for up to 20 minutes at a time, held in the same position.  

Anyway, happily i worked thro it all and then spent some time chatting with my dear friend Anne who also did in her back about 2 months before's sort of what reunited us once more.   our conversation was so inspiring , for both of us, with lots of good support and reminders of being mindful...and staying in touch with what our body is telling us!   We are very similar in energy, doing lots of projects and moving with great we are helping each other in so many ways!   And we laughed a lot too, which is always a good reminder.....stay mindful but keep a sense of humor!

Off to make chicken Alfredo for dinner...yummy!

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