By Topsyturvy


A lovely warm, sunny morning so we walked up Ward Hill to the top of South Ronaldsay for some spectacular views. It was so warm that I even took my bodywarmer off and Poppydog felt the need to subside into a filthy brown puddle. This view is looking over to Hoy with Flotta and its oil terminal in yhe midground. A couple more views in extras, one up to Widewall Bay, one looking down over Eastside.
Back home we got on with more excavating (me - treasure today was a large lump of discarded concrete and a solid bit of wood about 4'x6"x2" alongside fieldstone) and a bit of prepping for tree planting(LH) ie strimming, pickaxing out noxious weeds and finally planting some Swedish Whitebeam. So that's 8 saplings in with about 30 or so to go.
This evening I was in the Orkney Ladies' Matchplay Playoffs. It has to be said that a good number of better players have been on a jolly abroad and so left the field open to duffers like me. The weather had changed to very windy with driving mizzle which was challenging, especially when a normally good shot landed on the far side of an adjacent fairway. I think i walked twice the distance tonight! Anyway, my partner coped with it a lot better and I lost, but not too shamefully! Boy, was I glad to get back home this evening :-) Feeling quite shattered now ... an early bed beckons.

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