I couldn’t face another early start, knowing I was in for a  long day.  TT took the opportunity of an early start instead.  I was left to get BB and his cello to breakfast club, and myself to the train.  The car park was oddly quiet, as was the train.  Even though I didn’t get a seat, I didn’t feel jammed in.

I had a very busy morning, before two colleagues and I left for a meeting and to deliver a presentation in Glasgow. They seemed to go well, then we had to travel back to Edinburgh.  I missed my normal bus, so ended up on a slow bus home.  A colleague got on a couple of stops after me, and it was nice to have company for some of the journey home.

After a quick tea, I had to pop out to the supermarket for a couple of things.  I decided to walk, as I had been sitting all afternoon, and realised that it was quite chilly.

Another day, with little opportunity to blip.  I spotted this clematis growing over a fence as I walked home this evening.  

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