I really didn’t want to get up early today., but I did.  I spent the day catching up with bits and pieces as lots of requests had short timelines, falling on Monday (when I will be off), or Tuesday when I am just back at work.  We had a Divisional meeting today, with a fun game at the end to identify the baby. It was so hard.  My group got 5 out of 14!!

Come lunch time I went out for a  wander to increase my step count for the step challenge.  I walked randomly and could not believe it when BB and class mates walked up the other side of the road from me.  He was on another “activity day” and had just been at the Edinburgh Dungeon.  He didn’t see me though!

It was so nice, I was reluctant to go back to the office, but I had plenty to keep me busy before I ran off for the bus.  A colleague commented on my healthy eating regime as she saw me eating some fruit.  She then  brought me over a box of homemade cakes and insisted I have one!  It was very nice, but so much for me trying to be healthy.

It was then home to get BB out to football training.  I met up with S and we walked. It was another lovely evening.  We swapped stories about “almost teenagers!”

I assume there is a well under this slab in New College!

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