By Teasel

Beech and Birch

I didn’t wake up until late and the morning seemed to just disappear far too quickly.  I did assist in giving TT a lockdown haircut.  It looks ok.  He wouldn’t let me do anything outrageous.  BB on the other hand wouldn’t let me near his hair.  After lunch TT and I headed out for a walk.  He had chosen today’s route.  Our walk took us through Bolton,  to the edge of Gifford, to Morham and then back home.  It was a really lovely walk, though  would have been even more lovely if the sun had stayed out all the time.  Also my knee was not quite one hundred percent after my run yesterday and on top of that I wore new shoes, which were fine, just not very flexible, making walking seem harder than it should have been.  Sometimes it was just so grey.  We are certainly exploring the tracks, paths and backroads of East Lothian at the moment.  TT stopped at the supermarket on the way home as he had also planned to  do a  barbeque for tea – the first barbie of the year.  We had taken some stuff out of the freezer earlier, but we needed a few more bits and pieces.  I made some vegetable kebabs while waiting on him getting home.

Once he was organised, he poured me a gin and tonic and got on with the barbie.  We all really enjoyed it and even better there are a few leftovers.  Later we watched a couple of episode of Missing.

This is TT walking through the woods.

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