Seeing St Paul's in a New light

I actually managed to get out of the house on time this morning, so popped over to One New Change quickly on my way to work.  This reflection of St Paul's Cathedral caught my eye on the way past, but it wasn't until I looked through my viewfinder that I noticed the beautiful light and patterns around it, too.  Very happy with this shot - didn't bother taking any more for the rest of the day.

Had a good day getting on top of things at work - before I'm off on jury service next week.  I even had time to tidy my desk.  That'll make up for my untidy inbox when I get back in a couple of weeks (or at least, I hope it's only a couple of weeks!)

Had a lovely chilled out start to the weekend catching up on various good bits of TV with Tim - Taskmaster, Gogglebox, Frankie Boyle's New World Order - all with a cheeky little beer.

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