By spannarama

Sound Unbound

After an easy morning, Tim and I headed over to the Barbican for the Sound Unbound festival.  Started off in St Giles Cripplegate for Bach on cello (beautiful), then went on to the Barbican Conservatory for some experimental percussion (less bothered about that, but brilliant to get to wander all round the conservatory - especially the cactus house).  We had a coffee out by the lake and then walked over to Charterhouse, for some Brazilian music in the Great Chamber, followed by Gregorian chants in the chapel there.

Wandered down to Smithfield meat market after that, where a very lively big band was playing - complete with a bride and groom apparently having their first dance :)  After that, we met up with Liz and Char (who were coming to an evening event at the Barbican) back over by Charterhouse, and all went for dinner at Wagamama.  Lovely to round the day off catching up with them - and some very tasty food.

Tim and I headed home after that and watched the rest of Eurovision.  The usual crap, but fun to watch after a glass of wine.  

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