And I thought I was bad!

Dear Diary,

I went to Milton to spend the night with a woman I taught with for many years. My friend Terry and I spent the afternoon looking at her photographs from Peru.  She just got back from her trip on Wednesday.  The photos of Machu Picchu were amazing!  This morning I photographed the things she brought back...a real haul!  Many are gifts for folks but I loved the diversity of her things.  I find I am bringing back less and less now.  I have a space issue!  Now, I am more content with just the photographs and she has some amazing ones that she will make into a book of the trip.  That may be the best souvenir of all.

Today is the 30th anniversary of my dear grandmothers death and I will be going to plant the cemetery on my way home to Maine.  I've done it every year since she died in 1988.  My mom and dad are buried there too and it is my time to "chat" with them about my year and to remind them how much I miss them.  Some people find it a sad task but I've always thought of it as an honor and a privilege.  

This afternoon I collect Emerson from Camp Fuller and I can't wait to see the little boy.  He "wrote" me the sweetest email yesterday!  He did not include a photograph of himself but he said he hadn't changed much in six days!  So cute, it really made me smile.

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