Swan Family

I had TT and BB both reminding me this morning that I had to take the car to the garage.  I didn’t forget.  I also had to pick it up this afternoon – which is much more painful.

Once BB was off to school, and the car was dropped off, I headed out for a run.  It was a lovely morning, but I didn’t really have time to go for a long run, so only went five miles, as I had stuff to do.  First stop was school, as I had to collect PTA stuff that I had hoped to get last night. Next I needed to go to the shops for a few things, and since it was such a lovely morning, I wandered round by the river first – in search of kingfishers.  I didn’t see any, but I did see the swans with their recently hatched cygnets – all six of them.

After the shops, I headed home to do some chores, and then sat in the garden to have my lunch.  It was lovely.

BB appeared later in the afternoon, as he had gone to a friend’s after school.  I was still doing some chores, while waiting on the garage phoning.

Later, after BB was dropped at scouts, I headed out to meet a friend.  We had a lovely evening over a meal and a couple of drinks.

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