Kit's Year

By Kit267

Centenary Stone...Celebrating 100 Years

Just Dad, my brother and myself today. I am not quite sure how, but my brother mysteriously managed to persuade me to go to the gym with him this morning... I cannot remember the last time I went to a gym, in fact I don’t actually know if I have even been to a gym before. I quite enjoyed it but am not sure if I am going to rush to join the local one just yet!

We had a lovely morning around Keswick, mooching (spending) in the shops and enjoying a coffee and cake stop in the sunshine. After which we went for another gentle walk along the lakeside. Dad does well for 85, but we took it at quite a steady pace as we did about 4 miles in total. This time we walked along the east side from Keswick down to Calfclose Bay.

Just off Broomhill Point is the stunning Centenary Stone, a large boulder of local Borrowdale volcanic rock carved in 1995 by the artist Peter Randall-Page to commemorate 100 years of The National Trust.

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