Kit's Year

By Kit267

A Spot Of Lunch At The Dog and Gun

A gentler pace to today, still in the Lakes and we decided to try to limit car use so we drove to the very local Hawes End Jetty to get the boat to Keswick. Anyone who knows me knows I love boats so any chance of a boat ride and I am happy.

A short wander around town, enjoying the street performers and a spot of lunch at The Dog & Gun, which I recognised as a place frequented by Blippers. I have to confess to being very disappointed to have had to decline a local blipmeet with Technophobe et al there this evening, but I didn’t think they would fancy all seven of extended family Kit descending upon them. I raised a lunchtime glass to the local and visiting Blippers instead.

We later caught the boat back around Derwentwater to Hawes End but disembarked two stops early and enjoyed a 2 mile walk back along the lake to the car via the perfectly placed ice cream van at the bottom of Catbells.

This evening Mr Kit and Sushi headed home, work and school beckoning and tomorrow early morning sister in law and niece head off for the same reason, leaving Dad, Brother and myself to enjoy another day here before we all head back home on Tuesday morning.

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