The electrician arrived this morning to finish off the work he's done for us, and to bring his bill. Gulp!

Over to the coffee shop mid-morning to meet with a complete stranger who wanted to speak with MrM about making contact with local musicians with whom he might play jazz. I agreed to go too, as we understood that his wife would accompany him, but she didn't. He turned out to be a rather rude individual with a dismissive manner. Feeling rather uneasy after the event, I tried to find out a little more about him, only to discover that he has absolutely no web presence. Not odd in itself, but surprising for a "semi-professional musician".

Spent the rest of the day working on the 'music room', while MrM was in the workshop. In the evening a very short walk on the Common, which is much more lush than last time we were there. Lots of blossom on the trees - no idea what sort of tree this is, with its dark green/reddish leaves and bright pink blossom.

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