Housewife's Choice

By christilou

New bed....

blues.... I bought a new bed for him from TK Maxx recently, it was labelled as an orthopaedic bed and it had no front step so was easy for him to get into.  Little Ro was very pleased because now it matches her bedroom and I won't have to keep lugging the old one upstairs at night and back down to the dining room during the day.... because I bought another quite similar one today and it's living down here.  He doesn't seem to mind that it's not the old smelly familiar one so that's lucky, although I suspect a few trips to the garden will soon have it smelling doggy again ;)  I spent the afternoon cleaning up the house after our slovenly week.  Tomorrow I will have to be at Heathrow for 8.30 a.m to pick up my husband and bring him (and his suitcase full of washing... including his 30 mile running gear....) home.  Party is definitely over until his boys skiing holiday in February.

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