I met a friend for coffee this morning whom I haven’t seen for several weeks, so it was good to catch up.  

The coffee is served in posh glass cups on a wooden board, with an almond biscuit on the side, so I thought this would do well for the Abstract Thursday theme of "Texture", although it’s not quite as abstract as some of my previous Blips.  However, after a little play with an app on my iPhone, I’m happy with it.

It was interesting during our chat that my friend told me, as have several others, that she misses seeing me on Facebook.  I had made a conscious decision to “come off” when we were away for a month earlier in the year and must admit I have never felt the need to go back on, although I haven’t yet deleted my account completely.

I told her that it had changed how I took photographs - previously, I would see something and think that it would look good on FB with an appropriate quote, but I no longer do that.    She wondered whether I would consider going back on, but perhaps with less interaction - but I told her that I have got used to not being on there, so at the moment, don’t have any plans to return.  I do miss seeing what people are doing, but those who want to keep in touch do so on Messenger, and I am still in touch with our son in Vietnam - as sometimes it’s the only way I know he is still “alive and kicking” and I can see when he has read my messages! 

Anyway, that aside, we had a lovely morning and she treated me - although no cake was involved!

When I got home, Mr. HCB was still in the garden, but said his leg was a bit sore as he has done quite a lot out there - so he has promised he will come in very soon and rest.  We have had some gentle rain overnight and this morning, which pleased him, so there will probably be a growth spurt in the next few days.  

I’m still ploughing on with the sorting out of photographs and am now up to March 2015.  I’m trying not to get too uptight about what I delete and to stop me going back and recovering photographs, I delete them completely from my Recently Deleted folder, although they could stay in there for up to 40 days - but that would just be too tempting!

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