I was late getting up - in fact, just in time to make Mr. HCB’s sandwiches ready for him to go off to cricket with his friend, Keith.

After he had gone, I went for a wander round the garden and I must say I am glad it will be him sitting out all day, because it is rather chilly.  Mind you, I did only have my pink robe on, so perhaps that was the reason I felt so cold!  I’m not sure the Bank Holiday this coming Monday will be as warm as the lat one.

Aquilegias, also known as Columbine and Granny’s Bonnet, grow in our garden like weeds, and whilst many people bemoan the fact that they self-seed, we are quite happy - when you have heavy clay soil, if flowers grow, it is a bonus.

Mr. HCB was very excited about this lovely Aquilegia yesterday, so as a tribute to him not only for keeping the garden looking good, but also for the fact that he has been sensible this week - here is his favourite and I must agree that it does look beautiful - and all the better because we have had quite a lot of gentle, overnight rain.

The sun is due to come out later, so I hope they have a good time at the cricket match - I believe their team is doing quite well at the moment.

P.S.  Just in case anyone is interested, in seven months' time it will be Christmas Day! :-) 

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