By Topsyturvy

New arrivals

I noticed yesterday that various flowers have obviously escaped captivity from somewhere else and have chosen to stay with us in an unkempt bit of 'garden so thought a blip would remind me where to look. The rhubarb is also doing extremely well this year and has just produced a flower - such a massive beast of a thing. It's hard to believe that the crowns only started coming into leaf a month ago! The previous owners had a Clydesdale and the rhubarb appreciates all his contributions, thank you very much :-) My supervisor came with me and checked out LH's Swedish Whitebeams, planted last week; fortunately they are big enough that her rummaging didn't disturb them and she was happy to trot along behind (extra).

After a morning catching up with friends (one had come to see the view - tricky in today's haar although it did lighten later) I got some sewing and correspondence done. Stitch group in The Hope tonight.

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