A visit to the church of St Nicholas in Moreton today to see the etched windows by Laurence Whistler. There is no stained glass at all in this church - all windows have been etched - a work that took thirty years to complete! Fascinating and very beautiful! There was also a flower festival, so everything looked doubly beautiful!

This particular window is a memorial to a pilot who was shot down in the Battle of France in 1940. An alternative view from the outside can be seen in my b&w journal

Afterwards, we visited the nearby grave of T E Lawrence of Arabia and then  wandered around a beautiful garden that we happened upon and which was open for the day for free! Pond, stream, sculptures, tall hedges and lots of flowers - wonderful! 

Many thanks for all the great comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's blip!

Have a great Sunday!

Ann :))

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