A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

A little walk

Was feeling off colour again for the early walk but later I walked up to feed my son's fish and decided to make it into a circular walk back home.

It was dull when I set off but when the sun came through it turned very hot.

I met two couples I haven't seen for quite a while on my way up so we had a long chat. I met one of them again outside these lovely cottages, (one is for sale) they were obviously doing the same circuit but the other way around. I had thought to just walk down Leech Lane to take more May blossom shots and then return via the fields but decided to just checkout the cottoages on the off chance the Wisteria was flowering. It wasn't the last time I passed and hasn't for a couple of years since it was cut back.
I think it is stunning so it had to be my blip. (I'm so jealous as I'd really love one)

I then walked down to the Goit Stock park and met another couple, my ex neighbours from childhood. Another chat. The walk took me a good two hours even though it's not very far.

Towards the end there were a number of people peering through the trees at the waterfall by the mill. Quite a surprise what you can spot on a Bank Holiday walk (a little girl was being photographed dressed as a mermaid!)

Hope all UK blippers have had or are having a good Holiday Monday.

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