MonoMonday: Finale!

For Merrilhope's final week of hosting MonoMonday she's chosen the very aporopriate theme of "Finale".

We're very lucky in that when our house was built (about 1904) the adjacent plot was left vacant, forming a lovely big side garden (this being one of the main attractions which drew us to buy the house many years ago). The downside is that it requires quite a big fence along the front to keep things neat. Our friendly local joiner Keith replaced the fence for us about 30 years ago, but 3 years ago the posts began to rot and the fence became unstable. I blipped about this in January 2015, here.

Well we contacted Keith then and he was happy to make another new fence for us. He prepared all the pieces in his workshop. But then something happened to his knee and for many months he's been unable to do heavy work - in fact he's now had a knee replacement. Happily he's now back at work and just over 2 weeks ago he started work. He'd concreted the old posts in so well that it took him several days just to dig them out, using a pneumatic drill!

Well the final nails were hammered in a few days ago so here's the rather beautiful result (the wood is a lovely colour but you can't tell that in a mono).

If you look at the inset picture (and the thumbnail), you'll see that he had a problem fitting the fence round our enormous old ash tree, which has a tree preservation order on it so it has to stay there. So the real "finale" was fitting the last bit of the fence round the tree: I think you'll agree that he made an excellent job of it: it took us a while to work out the best way of doing this and still leave extra growing room for the tree. (It's a shame it's not an Ent, or we could have just asked it nicely to move out of the way a bit!).

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