Mono Monday: Finale

Today was our final day with our little Moppet.  It has been a most successful, yet exhausting 4 days.  She has really bonded with us and we managed to get her to nap and sleep at least 12 hours each night.

You will have to indulge me as I post yet another picture of her.  Here she is pushing my 4 wheeler carry-on suitcase around the apartment just before we left.  It wasn’t the cutest expression I captured of her today but it was the one that had the best focus.  She is quite the moving target.  

At this age, they have no sense of time, and when her mother came through the door, it was if she had only gone out to the store for a few minutes.  Our daughter-in-law came home from Chicago alone because our son flew from there to Las Vegas early this morning for the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight.  She didn’t get home until about 5 pm. We weren’t sure we would get home in time to watch the game because of the potential for holiday traffic so were prepared to listen to the game in the car.  As luck would have it, we hit no traffic, made it home in 3 hours 29 minutes and were in front of the TV in time for the first puck to drop. It was one of the most exciting hockey games I have ever seen and our team won!

I know this is a stretch for the Mono-Monday theme, Finale, but when I converted this photo to B&W, I really liked it and thought, what the heck. Many thanks to Merrilhope for superb MM hosting this month.

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