Staplehurst Nursery cat

Wall to wall thunder all day, quite amazing. Started when I got up was still rumbling around when we went to bed. We were on the edge of a series of storms tracking to the north along the North Downs. The Medway Towns copped it with the M2 closed due to flooding and many other places suffered too.

In Maidstone a huge sink hole appeared in the A26 forcing the closure of that road on the route to the hospital. Over 20 metres deep I understand.

We were going to take Doreen out for lunch but she thought better of it. We did manage to get to a couple of garden centres, the second of which provided today’s blip. I was feeling really rough today, aches all over. Most unusual for me. Lethargic too. Dosed with ibuprofen, which eased the discomfort. I wonder what it is? Stopped us going for a walk, mind you the weather was so poor but that doesn’t usually stop us.

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