Tiny Tuesday .....

Today dawned bright and sunny ..... but maybe a bit too hot. 

To take advantage of this beautiful sunny day I headed up to Jacobsburg State Park to watch for Hummingbirds. 

When I got up there I was a little disappointed that the hummingbird feeder wasn't up in front of the educational center.  I sat in my vehicle for a little while and watched around the flowers to see if the hummers would come feed off of them .... but they didn't. 

So .... then I walked over to the frog pond and the bird blind.  There were several frogs sunning themselves on the surface.  While there I heard a Black-billed Cuckoo .... according to the park ranger (Andy) that was there working.  Unfortunately, I never saw it!! Bummer ... as it would have been a new bird sighting for me!

After leaving the frog pond area I headed back to the educational center (that's where I left my car!) to once again watch for the hummingbirds. Unfortunately ..... as I was walking back four school buses pulled into the parking lot! I knew at that point that the hummers would not be coming out! 

My Tiny Tuesday picture (with the theme of soft) was done in camera using the soft effect.  I quite like it!

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