Pictorial blethers

By blethers


This is the port of Hvar town on the Croatian island of Hvar. It’s full of the most humongous private boats - we saw one that seemed the same size as the Dunoon ferry, though it was much shinier. However, there’s no place for a cruise ship to dock, so we’re moored offshore and had an interesting experience getting on and off a bucking tender to go ashore - the sea’s quite lumpy.

It’s s most beautiful place, but it’s completely given over to tourism, which is a pity. It’s totally understandable, as it’s a small island not geared up to mass production of the lavender which is A Thing here; but as our excellent guide pointed out tourism is a fickle resource. It only takes a recession ...

I learned something new: the most recent war is referred to as the Homeland War. And we keep being reminded of it.

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