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Busy ...

Or rather just simply tired out after a day that began with us leaving home at 7.40am and arriving back at 6pm along this road, one of the most dangerous in the country. In fact, I had a near miss on this apparently empty road when I was taking a photo from the other side of the broom bushes: a car overtook a line of four other vehicles, including a bus, and whizzed past me at lunatic speed and with about 4 inches to spare on the wrong side of the road. It's things like this that make for such a tiring day - even though Mr PB and I were not involved in much more than sharing our own practice and thoughts at a day for Lay Leaders in our crazily sparsely-populated diocese. We met in Oban, handy for folk from Mull but not noticeably so for us and for sure from the chap from Arran, and discussed to importance of discerning themes in the Lectionary readings. (If that means something to you, you're probably a Pisky ...)

We emerged from the basement of the Cathedral into a much more pleasant day than we'd left hours earlier, so we stopped for a breather as we climbed up the hill from Loch Awe (beyond the yellow broom) These huge lumps of hills are to the east of Cruachan, and lead off into the heart of the southern Highlands. It was lovely - a blackbird sang, and the air, except when cars passed, smelled wonderful.

But it's horribly obvious that the tourist season has started; the road was quite busy in the afternoon and we had this sense of scurrying along a narrow artery from point to point while the vast countryside lay unspoiled and inaccessible to almost all the road-users. 

My extra photo is of the projection that was part of our input. I loved the Very Hungry Caterpillar draped above it. In a way, his face says it all ...

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