An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

A view with a Room...


I woke up very briefly and was aware of daylight just beginning to creep in (we had all the blinds open) I had my camera already set up on my tripod as I wanted to capture sunrise but before I could move, sleep overcame me and when I next woke up the room was bathed in golden light and my phone told me it was 5.06am. 
I got up and tried to get out onto the balcony without disturbing David but I struggled to open the patio door (a secret lock I didn’t know about flummoxed me) so David got up and opened it for me and positioned my tripod out on the balcony. 
The scene that greeted us was stunning (apologies, I will use that word a lot but it’s the only adjective that comes close!) and so peaceful.  I know it was amazing because David sat down (normally at that hour only bed will do!) marvelling at the beauty of it all and enjoying the bird song.  I was still half asleep and struggling a bit with my camera settings and after a short while, gave up trying to capture it and instead decided to sit down and actually experience it.  A place like this forces you to be in the moment, to stop whatever you are doing and just be.  This is exactly what we need.
After an hour David went back to bed and I sat on an arm chair inside with the sliding doors wide open, just soaking it all in.  I did doze off a couple of times and enjoyed the pleasure of waking again in such wonderful surroundings.
After a light breakfast and a visit from the “guests” mentioned in the visitor book (see extras) David headed off just after 9.30am to play the nine-hole golf course at Kenmore.  I had planned to go with him and we had hired a golf buggy but in the end I just could not tear myself away from this paradise.
I spent the next few hours reading my book (Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.  It’s fantastic.  One of the best books I have read in a while) interspersed with just being.  There is a stillness to this place.  It is restful and re-energising in equal measure.  
David returned having enjoyed his golf and we set off to have lunch in Kenmore.  Sat outside the restaurant with a beautiful view up the loch and watched people in canoes and row boats.  I don’t know how they had the energy to be rowing as it was scorching.
After lunch we went for a drive along the north side of Loch Tay to Killin, where I had planned to photograph the beautiful Falls of Dochart.  Of course after weeks of heat and sunshine the water was a trickle (doh!) so that didn’t happen.  We drove back along the south side to our little slice of heaven and had an aperitif sitting on the balcony whilst reading our books.  Dinner of salmon, jersey royals and salad washed down with a lovely Chablis was enjoyed.  I always think food tastes better when eaten outside in the sunshine.
Spent the rest of the evening enjoying the peace.  It is so lovely not to have to look at our watches.  We eat when we are hungry and sleep when we’re tired.  There’s a lot to be said for just existing in the moment and enjoying the space.  So much space.

Oh and Donald and Debbie (the ducks) returned for supper.

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