An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Paradise Found...

How easy it is to get up early when the first day of a longed for holiday break arrives.
Packed the last of our things, big hugs and kisses to Lola then David dropped her off at R & A’s house at midday.  She was so busy playing with their two dogs she didn’t even notice David leaving.
Our car packed, it was time to say goodbye to Alan.  I had a massive lump in my throat, which sounds silly as we’re only gong to be an hour away, but it’s the first time we’ve left him for this length of time so it feels very strange.  I know he will be fine and he was laughing as we left (and apparently planning a party!!) so I gave myself a talking to and left with a lighter heart. 
As we wouldn’t get access to the house till 4pm we decided to start our break off with lunch at Broadslap and a very delicious lunch it was too.  Lin was there and told us that her gun dog training classes start next week so David has signed himself and Lola up for that.  Delighted to hear that Carole and Lola’s sister Freya are also going to be there.
After lunch and a quick stop off at the Coop for some provisions and we were on our way, sun shining, music playing and in carefree mood. 
Got to Loch Tay and followed the directions to the house.  The house itself sits right on the edge of Loch Tay, which is 200 feet below the level of the road so we had to drive down a very steep track to reach it.  The track zig zags its way down the hillside with some steep, sharp turns.  I was so glad David was driving.  It was worth it though, when we saw what awaited us at the bottom.  No only was this little house right on the water’s edge, it was also surrounded by it’s own bluebell wood and accessed by a little wooden bridge over a little stream.   I have visualised a place like this since I was about eight years old and I had given up on such a place actually existing yet here it is.
It took me about 20 minutes to get from the car to the house as I kept stopping to take in my surroundings, breath in the wonderful scent of the bluebells and of course, take photos!
Outside the house was perfect and inside that theme continued.  Absolutely beautiful and so comfortable.  Even the loo has a stunning view! (pic 5 in extras) 
The owners had left a bottle of Prosecco chilling in the fridge along with homemade bread, butter and jam and a lovely scented candle.  We went straight out onto the balcony and the views that greeted us were just stunning.  The light on the water was so beautiful and the surrounding hills so vibrant in the evening sun.  No sounds apart from birdsong and the gentle lap of the water washing over the shingle.  We just looked at each other in complete astonishment at the perfection of it all.
We unpacked very quickly and got settled on the balcony with some nibbles and the bottle of Prosecco.  I had taken a cintronella candle and some Jungle Fomula spray to fight the dreaded midge but to our surprise and delight, there was no sign of them.  I think it was probably too warm.
We had a pizza and salad for dinner then resumed our positions on the balcony to enjoy the setting sun.  We were still sitting there at 1am and it felt like 8pm.  Read the comments in the the guest book and it would appear everyone has the same reaction as us when they arrive.  A few guests also mentioned having visitors for breakfast.  We will just have to wait and see if they turn up whilst we are here.
What a place.  An evening I will remember always. 
We received a text from R to say Lola has settled fine and had enjoyed her afternoon walk with their two dogs photo attached (extras) So glad we’d gone through the trauma to bathing and brushing her before she went!!  LOL!

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