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By Damnonii

A view fit for a Queen...

Pay attention at the back.  I shall be asking questions at the end!  ;-))

Today's blip is of Queen's View, one of Scotland's most iconic scenes, looking west along Loch Tummel to Schiehallion, one of Scotland's 282 Munros (a Munro is a Scottish mountain over 3000 feet high.  Schiehallion is 3553 feet / 1083 metres high.)

Queen's View is supposedly named after Queen Victoria who visited the spot in 1866.  This claim was made by Victoria herself (modesty becomes her :-) but any Scot worth their haggis knows it was really named after Robert the Bruce's wife, Queen Isabella, who stopped to rest at the scenic spot some 550 years before Old Grumpy Chops!

David and I were gobsmacked to work out that it's 24 years since we've visited this spot!  Goodness, as I stood here as a 28 year old, I never for a moment thought I would be in my 50s by the time I returned.  Better not leave it so long next time! 

So, to back track. we had the laziest of starts to the day.  No alarms set.  Bliss.  I woke just before 5am and sneaked up to check the morning sky.  Grabbed my camera and went barefoot onto the veranda (ouch!) and with literally one eye open the whole time, took a couple of shots facing East and hoped for the best (in extras.)  Not as good a shot as it could have been but it was quite fresh outside so I didn't linger.  Back to bed and slept till 9am.

D brought me tea and toast in bed, which is hilarious considering the Boathouse is one massive room (separate loo) which accommodates the lounge, dining area, kitchen and bed (see extra for view from the "bedroom" :-))

After a late lunch we headed out in the car towards Kenmore then followed the road to Tummel Bridge (built in 1730) then carried on along the length of Loch Tummel till we reached Queen's View.  We didn't get there till after 5pm so of course the Visitor's Centre was closed.  That meant we saved a few calories :-))

On the way back we took a turn off too early and found ourselves going in the right direction but on the wrong road.  What a serendipitous error that turned out to be as the scenery was beautiful and we discovered the studio and gallery of an artist who makes metal sculptures.  We are going to go back and visit the gallery on our way home on Friday.

Also on the way back, taking a sharp corner on the road we spotted some Highland coos grazing just over the fence.  I issued the Blipper's Command - STOP!! but as it was a corner of course poor D couldn't so he drove on a bit and turned round.  Still couldn't stop due the bend in the road but at least they were on my side this time so managed to get a drive by shooting.  Karen C, that extra is for you!  ;-)))

Back to the Boathouse just after 7pm so time for a G&T and half an hour of watching the sun glistening on the water while dinner cooked.  

And as if the day wasn't perfect enough, Andy Scott, the artist and sculptor who designed and created The Kelpies (and my beloved Arria :-) left a comment on my Instagram on one of my Kelpie photographs saying, "Gorgeous!  Thanks for posting.  'Head-up' Kelpie often gets overlooked due to his more tranquil partner.  Beautiful image.  Makes me proud."

My work here is done! :-)))

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