An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

After the rain...

At last it's Loch Tay time again :-))

R picked Lola up at 11am and off she bounced without a backward glance. Alan was quite happy at the prospect of four nights without us in the house.  Apparently he and his team are planning a large party.  Ha!

We aimed to set off at 1pm but as usual we ran half an hour late.  No matter when we plan to leave, we always manage to be half an hour late!  Perhaps we should aim to leave half an hour earlier that we really are aiming to leave, then we might leave on time (are you keeping up?  :-)))

Like last year, we headed to Broadslap for some lunch to get us on our way.  Their first batch of strawberries have been harvested from the farm so we had to buy some.  So sweet and delicious,  Then a quick stop at M&S Food Hall in Perth to pick up some last minute supplies and then the adventure could begin properly.

As we drove down towards Kenmore, the sun broke through the clouds and made Loch Tay sparkle in welcome.  Mere minutes later we were at the Boathouse and as I got out of the car I was delighted to see that it is just as perfect as I remember it from last year.  Even the ducks were waiting to say hello! :-))

Last year when we were here it was during the summer heatwave.  Tonight as the evening wore on the clouds got thicker and the mist fell and I could see the rain making its way along the hills and loch from the west.  I was going to grab my camera to capture it, but like last year, the beauty and atmosphere of this place is so special, I want to experience it and live in the moment, rather than through a lens.

It was absolutely spine tingling to sit there and feel the atmosphere change as the blue skies disappeared and the air got cooler and cooler.  When the rain reached us is was thundering down and the surface of the loch was almost black and churned up with the stiff breeze that accompanied the rain.  

The little stream that runs past the Boathouse into the Loch was a trickle when we arrived, but now it was a deluge, and the sound of the water gushing over the rocks was wonderful.

The temperature in the Boathouse had dropped quite a bit so David suggested lighting the log burner.  Within 10 minutes we had a cosy little haven to watch the rain from and continue enjoying the G&T and nibbles :-)

By the time dinner was over, the rain had stopped and the air was completely clear again.  

I went back outside to enjoy the gloaming.  So peaceful and so still and again, no camera, just wanted to experience it.  I was so in awe though that I just had to take a shot with my phone and that's ended up being my blip, as I want to remember the moment for ever.

Now back inside, feet up with a G&T, D trying to decide which golf course to play tomorrow and James Taylor playing quietly in the background.

The outside world has ceased to exist :-)))

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