An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


I finally got round to posting my friend Karen's Chookie Birdie and Esme's rainbow yesterday (well David did) and I was delighted to get messages from them both today to say they had arrived :-)

I got Esme's message first and it made my day.  I don't mind telling you the joy on her wee face made my eyes leak a little.  

The weather was beautiful again so we had a lovely lunch in the garden followed by a very juicy melon.  Lola enjoyed a few slices of that too when not snoozing in her favourite shady spot in the garden.  I read some extracts from my 1983 diary to David...right back when we were getting to know one another in the school Sixth Year Common Room and he was trying to pluck up the courage to ask me out.  

What a laugh (and at times a cringe :-) to look back and see our relationship at its embryonic stage.  And of course to remember silly little school incidents, long forgotten, as well as people we can no longer place.   

I then had a FaceTime blether with Esme, who was full of laughter and nonsense, blowing me kisses and hugging the phone so I could grab it (the hug, not the phone :-))  Made my eyes leak again! 

David, Alan and Vickie went for a swim and I retreated indoors to cool down and continue making birthday cards.  

Early evening my friend Karen messaged me to say she had her received her Chookie Birdie and is over the moon with it.  There were a couple of little hidden references in it that I hoped she would get, and she did.  That made me very happy too :-)  

It's been such a lovely day but I did force myself to catch up with what's been happening in the rest of the world.  

The situation in Minneapolis is just horrific.  I can't even comment as I don't have the words.  Where will it end?

Closer to home, Lockdown is easing both north and south of the border but with slight differences.  Makes no odds to us as we are self isolating for the full 12 weeks. Of course it will be lovely for families to get to see each other, but not hug?  Oh how difficult that will be!  Harder than not seeing each other I think.  Enjoy if you are taking part in these special reunions :-) 

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