An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Heaven is a place on earth...


Woke up at 5.29am to that same golden light and the wonderful birdsong.  Sat on the balcony for a while then sneaked back to bed to read my book.  Fell back to sleep and woke up at 9.20am.  We lay in bed and chatted.  I can’t remember the last time we did that.  Usually as soon as the alarm goes off it is time to get up!
It was David’s turn to come up with a plan for the day and what a cracker it turned out to be.
We had lunch at the Watermill Bookshop coffee shop in Aberfeldy.  The last time we were there was with Agnes and Adrian winter 2017 when it was cold and very wet outside.  We said then what a lovely place it would be to have lunch in summer sunshine and I am pleased to be able to confirm that it is.
We then set of on a lovely drive to Kinloch Rannoch then along Loch Rannoch to Rannoch Station.  Unfortunately due to our later then planned start to the day our timing was off and we arrived just after 4.30pm when the station café closed. 
We last visited Rannoch station in 1995, during a weekend of much fun and laughter with a group of friends.  We were staying at their parent’s caravan at Blair Atholl.  It was the year before Alan was born and we were all child free.  What a brilliant weekend we had. 
I can’t remember who suggested the trip to Rannoch station and I won’t bore you with the details of what happened (it’s one of those hilarious stories where you had to be there to really appreciate the humour of it) but we all came away with commemorative plates of the station, which I am sure we still have but can’t quite think where!
Of course I had to take selfies with the station in the background, post them on Facebook and tag the guilty parties.  Creating more great memories whilst remembering others.  A great way to spent the day.  Station in extras :-)
We had a lovely drive back to our little house with wonderful views of Schiehallion on the way.  We stopped in Aberfeldy to book dinner tomorrow night at The Three Lemons.  We thought it would be lovely to have something to ease the sadness at leaving this beautiful place on our way home tomorrow evening.
Once back at the house the ducks were soon tapping on the door so we gave them the sweetcorn we had bought specially for them.  I had hoped to photograph them right at my feet and it was David’s job to entice them right to me with the corn but he’s bird phobic and as soon as they got close he ended up throwing handfuls of corn to the other side of the balcony!  He would not make a good wildlife photography assistant!   
After dinner we sat on the balcony reading and enjoying this amazing sunset.  We ended the evening out there (no jumpers and no midges!) watching the sky turn midnight blue and listening to the fish rising to the surface of the still loch, creating little concentric circles on the water’s surface. 

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