An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Make a wish...


I woke up at 3.50am.  The sky was getting light but there was light cloud, no sun.
Woke again at 5.40am to find the sky still cloudy and the loch a calm silver grey with a light mist hovering.  There was a subdued feeling in the air that felt in keeping with this being our last day here.
Stayed in bed and finished my book.  Eleanor Oliphant is the best fictional character I have encountered in a long time.  In fact all the characters in the book are excellently observed, even those who appear for only a paragraph or two.  It’s been a while since a book has hit me right in the solar plexus as this one has.
David woke up while I was still reading and got up and brought me coffee and toast and marmalade in bed.  A rare luxury.   A small motor boat powered past and we watched the still water ripple and enjoyed hearing the waves from the boat’s wash lap noisily against the loch edge.
Once showered and dressed we packed as far we we could before heading to Perth for an appointment of mine.  Thankfully it only took 10 minutes once we were there so we were back at our little hideaway in time for lunch.  Rain was forecast and I was hoping to would arrive as I would have loved to have photographed the loch in a more “Scottish” mood, but it was not to be.  We sat on the balcony and enjoyed coffee and a scone then I decided after all the landscape photography to give my macro lens a whirl.
I only had to take a step outside the door to gather up a handful of bluebells, daisies, dandelion clocks and cow parsley and I spent a very pleasant time sitting at the dining table having a proper play with my macro lens for the first time in ages.  David sat on the balcony reading his book and occasionally staring into space.   He can’t believe the tv or radio hasn’t been switched on once.  As I watched him out the window I was struck by the thought that the scenery was so beautiful and the weather was so perfect, we could easily have been sitting on the edge of Lake Maggiore, yet there we were, an hour from home.
All too soon it was time to load the car up and head to The Three Lemons in Aberfeldy for dinner.  I wrote our entry in the guest book and like everyone else has stated, we will definitely be back. 
Loch Tay was glistening under the evening sunshine as we drove up the steep track to the main road.  As we drove along the road a rabbit appeared out of the hedgerow and ran along in front of the car.  We had to drive slowly for ages as he was in no hurry to get out of our way.  It felt as though he was escorting us away.  I had time to get my phone and get a couple of photos of him as well as video footage before he turned off into a field.  What a special ending.  We have seen more wildlife in these past few days that we have in years.
Dinner at the Three Lemons was absolutely lovely and the perfect end to our wee break.
We drove home through the Sma’ Glen and got home just after 11pm.  Alan was already in bed.  He has had a ball while we’ve been away.  I can’t wait to see him in the morning.

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