Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Caterpillars - it's what's for dinner

Thanks for all the love on my "hands" shot yesterday.  It was a good day - memories for us and moments for her.

Today, I am afraid I must blip another shot of Monsieur Eastern Bluebird.  In between raining terror on the blue jays and blackbirds, he is managing to find time to hunt down some mighty tasty treats for the kids.  And when he went into the nest box with this huge caterpillar, you should have heard the chorus of little peeps.  Some very happy babies from the sounds of things.  He followed it up a short time later with a big dragonfly.  And, he even did "diaper duty" and removed a couple of poop sacs from the nest (something I usually only see Madame doing).  

I have not been able to identify the caterpillar but am still trying.  You'd think something that is 1) this big, and 2) so distinctive looking would be easy...but you'd be wrong.  Haven't even been able to find it in my 500-page field guide "Caterpillars of Eastern N. America"... (Okay, can anyone say "geek"...?)

It's been cool today which made it a good day for doing a little work outside and taking a quick walk.  Hubs took a 30-mile bike ride - which earns him whatever he wants for dinner, I'd say!  

My second choice is on Flickr, a small Robber Fly in the Genus Laphria.  You can see him HERE - he's worth a look.

Leaving for Oregon in just two days - can't wait to see Mom and Dad.


PS:  And in my ongoing effort to be better for the world, I've taken the next step in reducing use of plastics by getting a Brita pitcher for water.  I'm embarrassed to say that we've still been buying plastic bottled water and even though we recycle, it's just not enough.  Next up - getting rid of zip-lock baggies!

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