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By walkingMarj

Monday in Lewis

The trouble about stopping and relaxing is that you feel more tired!

I’ve had an easy day. I drove to Carnais to see the wild flowers on the machair. I’m a bit early, but there are lots of primroses in bloom. I saw milkworts, cuckoo flowers (and heard a cuckoo),tormenting, daisies, sea pinks, Marsh marigolds, horsetails, flag irises, violets, buttercups and one early purple orchid. That’s all I can remember for now.

It was very windy so photography was tricky.

Here you see one of the sculptures of the famous Lewis chessmen. One of my extras is the fence end as I left this property for a walk near the shore this evening. The oystercatchers were furious with me, so I assume they are nesting nearby.

The internet was off this morning, so I went to the Community Cafe, but they no longer provide WiFi. BT vans are everywhere as Superfast Broadband hits Lewis. Not a moment too soon!

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